Bryce Kennedy is an attorney based in New York City (go figure, an attorney in NYC). He received his B.S. in Marketing and International Business from Pennsylvania State University. He then continued on to Catholic University, Columbus School of Law. During law school, Bryce clerked for the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. After graduation, he joined the Department of Justice, Criminal Division in the Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs section (what an eye opener; those zany drug lords always know how to stir up trouble). Bryce then moved on to become General Counsel for the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (not surprisingly, helping children receive free healthcare was much more rewarding for Bryce than chasing bad guys).

Now for the twist: Bryce wanted to be an actor.

Despite all his success as an attorney, his dream to perform was hindered primarily by his health and state of mind. The two just never seemed to quite align. He suffered from stomach ulcers and severe night terrors for the majority of his life. Bryce was overweight, exhausted, perpetually sick, and never could quite grasp his true dream of being an artist. He needed serious help. Just when all hope seemed lost, a friend recommended the "most amazing healer." His name was Paul. Bryce was willing to try anything, even if it was a little too "out there" for his conservative taste. Fast-forward two years and he has lost over 20lbs, his night-terrors have disappeared, his zest for life has returned full force, and he is now attending one of the top 25 acting schools in the U.S. and still manages to fit in a trivial 70 hour work week with his firm.

Bryce has joined P.K.’s team of advisors primarily as legal consultant. However, he finds sharing his story and helping others transform and live a life of joy to be the true reward. He hopes that he can inspire others to join him in this incredible journey of life with P.K. Alexander.  Check back soon to follow Bryce on Twitter and Facebook to track his journey and experiences as he continues to work with Paul.

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