I received my first acupuncture treatment from Paul in 2006 when he was an intern at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. At the time, I'd never had an acupuncture treatment due to my lifelong fear of needles. In that very first treatment, I realized that Paul is a Healer. He is someone who can put you back on the right track in body, mind, and soul. I've sent over 100 friends, students, and family members to Paul since that first treatment, and I would send hundreds more. Over the years I've seen Paul perfect his art and passion through tireless study and practice.


Brazilian Jiu jitsu black belt, instructor

The first time I had a session with Paul I didn't have a specific reason for treatment. I had never experienced acupuncture and was curious, so I just left it up to Paul and his intuition to introduce me to the practice. I left that day feeling lighter, clearheaded, and healthy, in a way that was entirely new to me, and I was hooked. Since then I've seen Paul for probably everything you could possibly be treated for with acupuncture; depression, anxiety, sports injuries, mental preparation for upcoming Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments, as well as guidance and treatments throughout my pregnancy and after it to aid my body in the recovery from giving birth.

During my pregnancy Paul was instrumental in providing me the support I needed to adjust to the demands of pregnancy. I found the information and history of Chinese Medicine on pregnancy to be comforting and helpful, just as Paul was! The acupuncture sessions during pregnancy and in the several months following delivery were crucial for my overall health and well being. I always left feeling positive, centered, and strong. It was a wholly safe and fostering environment that I think all pregnant women need, but possibly aren't quite sure what to look for. 

Paul is truly gifted and I can't recommend him enough!


Even before I met him, I had heard many people talk about Paul and how amazing of an acupuncturist he was. I had been to good acupuncturists before the day I finally booked my first appointment with Paul...only to come to the immediate conclusion that Paul was so much more than an acupuncturist! He is a true healer of the body and soul, and we developed a wonderful connection and relationship which is so important to both my mental and physical health as a martial artist. I am grateful to be able to follow Paul's guidance on a regular basis and it is an honor and privilege to call him my friend. I have referred so many of my family, friends, clients and students to him and everybody LOVES Paul! Give yourself the gift of wholesome health and go see Paul!


I am a retired top ten ranked, "A" Class professional Muay Thai fighter and active Muay Thai trainer. As the Chief Muay Thai instructor at Five Points Academy in New York CIty, I have trained multiple US National Team members and champions at the local, regional, and world level.

Over the course of my nearly two decades in the sport, my students and I have trained for and fought in international competition capturing multiple titles...and collecting numerous injuries. Through broken bones, stitches, bruising and strains, acupuncture has helped us heal faster, stay healthier, train harder and more productively for the sport we love. Paul Kemawikasit is an exceptionally intuitive and talented practitioner of this modality. Neither I nor anyone I have referred to him has failed to be impressed with the efficacy of his treatment or his appreciation for the requirements of our sport. If you see him for treatment, your body will thank you. I recommend him enthusiastically and without reservation.