Services and rates

The method of treatment focused on with each client, no matter what the presentation / medical diagnosis or service offered, is called "Yang Sheng". It is the method of Nourishing Life. Rather than focusing on what's wrong, we encourage the client to focus on the quality aspects of their life and improve on that. We encourage goal setting and creating a vision that supports that goal. We believe nothing is impossible and want to instill this mindset in all clients. With this mindset one's personal power is realized and as a result, healing / wellness is achieved.


Acupuncture & Wellness

Initial Evaluation & Treatment (approx 1.5 hours): $300
Follow Up Appointments (approx 1 hour): $225


The Way of inspiration

One-on-One Private Lessons (1 hour): $180


Phone Consultations

Must be an existing Acupuncture & Wellness Client (30 minutes): $120


Seminars, lectures and events