Siobhan O'Connor
Senior Editor, Prevention Magazine

Paul is a true healer.  Intuitive, thoughtful and with an exhaustive knowledge of different traditions of healing both east and west, he's helped me with physical pain from an injury-as well as much deeper energy work. He really takes the time to figure out what's going on inside and out, and draws on different techniques to tailor a treatment just for you.  I'm so very glad I  found him.

Arjan Steve Milles
Chief Muay Thai Instructor, Five Points Academy

I am a retired top ten ranked, "A" Class professional Muay Thai fighter and active Muay Thai trainer.  As the Chief Muay Thai instructor at Five Points Academy in New York CIty, I have trained multiple US National Team members and champions at the local, regional, and world level.

Over the course of my nearly two decades in the sport, my students and I have trained for and fought in international competition capturing multiple titles...and collecting numerous injuries.  Through broken bones, stitches, bruising and strains, acupuncture has helped us heal faster, stay healthier, train harder and more productively for the sport we love.  Paul Kemawikasit is an exceptionally intuitive and talented practitioner of this modality.  Neither I nor anyone I have referred to him has failed to be impressed with the efficacy of his treatment or his appreciation for the requirements of our sport.  If you see him for treatment, your body will thank you.  I recommend him enthusiastically and without reservation.