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Paul is a true healer. Intuitive, thoughtful and with an exhaustive knowledge of different traditions of healing both east and west, he's helped me with physical pain from an injury-as well as much deeper energy work. He really takes the time to figure out what's going on inside and out, and draws on different techniques to tailor a treatment just for you. I'm so very glad I found him.

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Paul is my role-model for a compassionate healer. As a Western medicine practitioner, a modality where the art of healing has been de-emphasized, I find Paul's approach inspiring to my own practice.  Paul's impressive depth of knowledge in both Eastern and Western medicine combined with his intuitive ability to hone in on problems make his diagnoses spot on. Eastern medicine's philosophy of wellness and treating the patient as a whole is a great compliment to Western medicine's allopathic philosophy. I have referred numerous patients, friends and family to Paul and have heard only glowing reviews from everyone. I am grateful I have him as my acupuncturist, a good friend and role-model.

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The benefits of acupuncture with Paul extend far beyond the purely physical aspects of the practice. It has been for me a spiritual journey of self-awareness and awakening that encompasses mind, body and soul. The energy of Paul’s space is comforting, welcoming, and absolutely freeing. In the midst of New York City’s chaos, it is a true sanctuary. Each session brings a new self discovery, and my experience with acupuncture has given me tranquility, mental and emotional clarity, and a strong sense of purpose. I feel truly blessed to have been introduced to Paul, and to experience the manifestation of things I used to believe were unattainable.

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